Pricing Explaination and Table

While my labor and parts pricing is a set amount and easily accounted for, estimating the cost of repairs can be a challenge. Many common ailments of arcades and pinball machines can be easily estimated but it should be noted that most of the machines we work on are 30+ years old. We always do out best to estimate the final cost of repairs, this amount can be lower or much higher once the work begins and electricity is applied again. But this is the nature of the beast so we are very forth coming with what we expect the charges to be and will always set a budget limit for repairs and as soon it appears that the cost will meet or exceed that budget (if it does), we always contact the customer to discuss budget and options. All pricing is quoted before taxes.

The following table details our services, fees and the cost thereof.


Service Description

$50 per hour
Labor - this pricing includes all labor regardless of the knowledge level required. Per hour pricing is the same if I am doing board level electronic component repair or playfield cleaning and waxing or internal arcade cabinet repair. Hourly billing is done in 1/2 hour increments.

Actual + shipping
Parts - unlike some of our competitors, we do not upcharge for parts. The price we charge parts is the same amount that you would pay for parts should you go out on the web and purchase them yourself. We do add a 10% shipping cost to almost all parts to cover the shipping charges. Shipping cost for parts over $75 are set to the actual shipping cost.

$75 to $175
Drive Out Fee - In order to do on location diagnosis and repairs, we do charge a seperate fee to cover our travel cost and the time away from our shop. This fee is dependent upon the distance from our shop (I45 & Rayford Road) with the minimum fee set to $75 and the maximum fee set to $175 to cover most of Harris and Montgomery Counties. The drive out fee will be discussed and agreed upon before the job is accepted so there are no surprises. If the repair process requires additional trips, that fee is generally a little less then the orginal fee.

$25 minimum
Diagnosis Fee - In many cases a diagnosis of the root cause of a machines malfunction is not possible through a phone call or visual inspection. If so then a more technical diagnosis is done and that cost is the same as the labor cost defned above. General diagnosis is normally a half hour or less and therefore the minimum hourly rate will apply.

$75 - $150
Pick Up and Drop Off - If it is more cost effective, it may be recommended that the machine be brought to our workshop for repairs. In these cases, the drive out fee can be reduced but is still subject to the minimum amount. If the machine movement involves stairs to a second floor, this cost will reflect the additional labor required to do it safely and with out damage to the machine and/or residence. Delivery and set up to another location will be at an additional cost.

Cap Kit - It is very common for arcade monitors to need what is commonly referred to as a cap kit. This is the process of removing the CRT Chassis board and replacing the old out of spec capacitors. Since this is a standard process, this cost is a set amount and includes the necessary capacitors. Additional parts required such as a flyback transformer or HOT are at an additional cost. The Nitendo EZ20 monitors are charged an additional $25 due to their structure and the extra labor involved.

Actual Cost
Outsourced Work - Some work we do not do but can outsource this effort. This includes cabinet restoration and some very complex printed circuit board repairs. we outsource this work when it is more cost efficient to do or it is not within our normal scope of work (such as cabinet restorations). We do not upcharge for any work outsourced. This cost will be discussed and approved prior to having it done.